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If you are a business owner, who is struggling with severe debt, then filing for bankruptcy can be your way out from your debt problem. When companies face a market crash or a downfall; owners start to panic. The unstable financial situation, with harassing calls and threatening letters from creditors, cause significant stress; making your life miserable.

This is the time when they need a professional and a skillful attorney to handle the situation for them.

Walker Law Firm, P.A. is  West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney firm that is one of the most trusted names in Florida; for handling bankruptcy cases for both, small businesses and individuals.  He has been working as an influential attorney for the past 5 years, and has gathered enough experience to deal with bankruptcy cases of all types. He has profound insight about various law critical issues that need to be dealt with care. Due to his efficient skills, he is regarded as one of the top local attorneys in West Palm Beach, with a high successful case rate.

Going to a Local Attorney to file your bankruptcy case not only releases your stress; but also brings numerous other advantages to you, some of which are listed below:

·      Selecting the Best Course of Action

When you submit your case to the company; a competent bankruptcy lawyer studies your case thoroughly, to decide whether bankruptcy is actually the best solution for your circumstances or whether you should choose any other way.

·      Filing for Chapter 7

Professionals at the West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney firm also help decide whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy can resolve your issue or not. This is because chapter 7 has particular criteria to be fulfilled by the filer, such as, only those, with an annual income less than the state average can apply for it.

·      Filing for Chapter 13

If you have a stable source of regular income; but are currently unable to pay-off your debts, then the attorney can take you to a better plan, which is filing chapter 13 bankruptcies. This will enable you to pay off the debt in installments.

·      Dealing with Creditor Harassment

This is something that debtors want the most. They want to get rid of the threats they have been receiving from the creditor. Bankruptcy lawyers help their clients deal with unlawful harassment in the form of phone calls, visits or any other collection practices.

·      Helping You With the Means Test

Bankruptcy lawyers further help you by answering the questions and concerns about the means test. It is the assessment of your income to see whether you can really repay your debt under Chapter 7.

·      Assisting with “Trustee” Issues

Your trustee checks that you stick to the budget set for you in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A good local lawyer, one like Edwin Walker, will help and prepare you in advance, with the details regarding what your trustee might have in store for you.

Bankruptcies are certainly the most dreadful thing that can happen to a company. If you too, are facing one, then the Walker Law Firm is the best way to seek help and resolve issues as soon as possible.

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