The Chapter 7 Attorneys at Walker Law Firm, P.A in West Palm Beach are here to Help You.

In 2005, Congress approved some strict eligibility requirements for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, these haven’t deterred people from filing and it still remains the most common and the also the fastest way to becoming solvent, despite high amounts of debt.

Walker Law Firm in downtown West Palm Beach specializes in Bankruptcy Law servicing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Our attorneys will help to determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 and will provide you with the proper bankruptcy plan customized to help you about the important financial issues that you will encounter. In addition, our attorneys will help you file for bankruptcy in the Palm Beaches and ensure that the forms were filled out correctly.

Why Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Help You!

Are you plagued by unsecured debts including credit card debt, mountains of medical bills, business debts and any number of unsecured loans?

You can get rid a large majority of these problems when you file bankruptcy using chapter 7. Your assets are liquated and your creditors are paid off from the proceeds. The bankruptcy trustee decides who gets paid how much and once they are paid, the court then discharges the remaining debt listed down in the bankruptcy petition that you filed. Just remember to include every dischargeable debt that you owe. Unlisted debts do not get a discharge and remain your responsibility.

You Can Get Help from Walker Law’s Experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Financial struggles befall many among us and are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It is important that you get the help you deserve in a timely manner to get back on your feet sooner.

When it comes to Bankruptcy lawyers, you don’t necessarily need one when filing for Chapter 7. But people routinely seek lawyers such as Edwin Walker from the law office of Walker Law Firm to help them through the bankruptcy process because of attorney Walker’s extensive knowledge, experience and an in-depth familiarity with the specialized laws of bankruptcy and the local courts in West Palm Beach, Florida.

By hiring a  knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to handle and defend your chapter 7 case in court, it is important to know that your lawyer has witnessed and helped people in situations similar to yours and quite possibly even worse. Their knowledge and testimonials from previous  bankruptcy clients are important to take note. Here at the Walker Law Firm, P.A  our goal is to provide a service that will help you through the bankruptcy filing process as well as making  it easier for you to bear.

Our attorneys will help you with issues related to the Means Test, exempt property, the type of bankruptcy that’s right for you, complicated property ownership issues, form filling requirements and the relevant deadlines etc.

This is why it is recommended to at least consult with a lawyer before filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; the attorneys at Walker Law Firm will give you the right advice and guide you in the proper direction through the entire bankruptcy process.


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