When it comes to family law, most people assume that all it concerns is divorce. However, family law deals in all the aspects that pertain to a family such as; child custody, adoption, property distribution, agreements prior to and after nuptials, and many more.

Following are some of the most common aspects of family law and what you need to know about each of them:


Divorce laws in all states slightly vary from each other, however, there are generally two types of divorce; contested and uncontested divorce. In uncontested divorce, a couple has usually resolved all the issues between themselves and has agreed to a certain settlement regarding child custody, alimony, etc.

In contested divorce, however, a number of issues between the couple are not resolved. These couples generally have to undergo a meditation session in hopes of reaching a settlement. An unsuccessful meditation leaves the settlement decisions to the jury and/or the judge.

In these situations, it is advisable to take help from individual divorce lawyers for men and divorce lawyers for women that can help one achieve a settlement that they are comfortable with.


Alimony is generally spousal support. The alimony may be temporary or permanent, and the grant of alimony depends on factors like the length of the marriage, earning ability of the spouse, health of the spouse and financial contribution of each spouse during the entire marriage period.

The alimony condition becomes void when the spouse ordered to pay the alimony passes away or if the spouse receiving the alimony remarries.

Custody and Visitation Rights for Children

Battles for child custody and visitation rights are usually a core issue in most divorce proceedings. However, these aspects may also be considered in cases of legitimization and/or paternity cases.

Although the laws vary according to the state, most courts make decisions based on the child’s best interests depending on his/her age, health condition, etc.

Child Support

Depending on the laws and guidelines of the state, child support issues are resolved in divorce, paternity and legitimization cases. All states have specific laws that require a non-custodial parent to make payments of child support.

How Hiring a Family Law Attorney Helps

Hiring a family law attorney in West Palm Beach to handle matters of divorce, adoption, domestic partnerships, etc., is one of the most advisable steps to take in complex family related issues. Most of the time, these situations are highly sensitive and a few small mistakes can end up creating major legal complications. Here at the Walker Law Firm we strive on delivering a first rate experience which allows our clients to focus on the number one thing; their family.


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