Employing the services of a proficient bankruptcy lawyer can deliver you and your family from an enormous amount of stress. Particularly for cases involving Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, an adroit lawyer to present your case with all the intricacies carefully planned out; is of paramount importance. At Walker Law Firm, you can employ the flawless services of the competent Attorney Edwin Walker to help secure your case and save you from any torment that is headed your way.

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The critical Q and A’s

We firmly believe in an informed client. This is why we are providing you with a list of important question to ask, once you have employed the services of our competent firm.

1.    What is the meaning of the term bankruptcy?

This is the most crucial question that you should ask your attorney. To deal with the situation at hand, you have to first understand the phenomena known as bankruptcy law and how it affects your future as a whole, both positively and negatively. We, at Walker Law Firm, have always been keen at clearing out all the myths about bankruptcy and how it is different from insolvency. We provide you with a clear insight into the complexities of bankruptcy and sail you through it safely back to safety.

2.    What does the process of bankruptcy involve?

In order to secure your financial assets, you need to be aware of all the various steps of bankruptcy and what alternatives you have. With the qualified attorney services of Attorney Edwin Walker you will be able to learn what your situation is precisely and what measures you can adapt to ensure the safety of your equities. Armed with the right information, you can easily do away with unnecessary mental stress and avoid any kind of unwanted communication questioning you continuously as to when will you make the crucial payment.

3.    What are Chapters 7 and 13?

These are the pivotal questions that you have to ask your lawyer in the very first meeting. We acquaint you with all the essential know-how on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 such as the necessity of filing of a repayment plan in case of Chapter 13 and the complete lack of it in the case of the former. Information regarding the Bankruptcy Code, liquidation of assets and the advantages as well as the disadvantages of both the clauses will make you understand your case clearly and will make you a strong contender for your rights.

4.    What are your options?

It is vital to explore all available options and put them on the table for thorough consideration. There are various alternatives to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 that you can use to breeze through the crisis. We can provide you with all the best available options regarding extending the time period of the debt repayment, adjustment in debts, saving your home and staying in business etc.

5.    Are people telling you the truth?

It is important that you ask your lawyer about all the fears and anxieties you have that talking to people around you has generated within you. At our firm, you can come and discuss any kind of apprehensions you have regarding bankruptcy and be informed of all the truths and the myths. Some people say that bankruptcy ruins your credit history forever while others say that it is highly irresponsible behavior on your part to go bankrupt. We will answer all your queries effectively.

With the above set of questions sorted out in the very beginning, you will have a hassle-free time during the course of your case.