If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it might be time that you get the advice / council of a professional bankruptcy attorney who specializes in handling and filing chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in West Palm Beach, Fl and the surrounding Palm Beach County area.

You will need all the professional help you can get as it is better to let the professionals handle such a delicate matter with all of bankruptcies intricate legal details. While hiring a professional lawyer is indeed important, it is likewise necessary that you make the right decision and don’t hire just anyone from the industry.

You will need to make sure that your future attorney has a deep understanding of different all the legal requirements, and that will guide your bankruptcy case in the best way. The real question that you must ask yourself is,

“How do I make sure that I hired the best bankruptcy attorney for my case?”

You need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Ask important questions from the lawyer you intend to hire and make the right hiring decision.

If you don’t know what bankruptcy questions to ask, the following are some essential ones you should pose to your future bankruptcy lawyer,

1.    How Long Have You Been A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The experience question is the most important of all. Does your lawyer have years of experience of handling different bankruptcy cases and is he well versed with the recent amendments and statutes of the law which pertain to bankruptcy?

You need the help of an experienced bankruptcy professional, who has a knack for handling complex bankruptcy cases. Remember, don’t go for a cost effective solution but rather, hire the best and most experienced bankruptcy lawyer for the job. It could mean saving or losing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

2.    How Many Cases on Average Do Your File Every Month?

Ask your lawyer how many bankruptcy cases do they take and file per month for their clients? The rate will give you a good idea of their success in the field. Also ask them how many cases are resolved to benefit the clients. Make an informed decision. You can also talk to their previous clients if necessary. Or just check out the Walker Law Firm’s bankruptcy reviews online.

3.    Have You Handled Any Bankruptcy Cases Like Mine?

Each bankruptcy case is unique and will vary. Your case will have singular features in which your lawyer will need to study and prepare to file in court. Ask the lawyer if they have any experience of handling bankruptcy cases with features similar to yours.

It will serve as a good advantage if the lawyer has handled many bankruptcy cases like yours before. Also ask about the outcomes of such cases.

4.    Are There Any Risks In My Bankruptcy Case?

Ask the lawyer if they can highlight any risk points in your case. Question them on how they would handle your case and ensure a successful filing procedure in court.

If there are any major risks in your case, then your attorney needs to inform you at an early stage. If you will lose any property or capital, ask your lawyer if filing for a bankruptcy will be a good idea or not.

Ask these relevant questions from your lawyer and make sure that you are able to gauge their knowledge and expertise in filing bankruptcy cases successfully. If you want to consult a team of experienced and proven bankruptcy lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL we, at Walker Law Firm, will help you out. Contact us at 561.689.1512 or click here for an appointment.