Choosing Bankruptcy Attorney selection can be a daunting task.  There is a lot of  West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney out there. When considering a bankruptcy attorney, some firms will advertise gimmicks such as no money down or unrealistic low prices. However, when you read the fine print,  it will say they won’t start working your […]

Do you think that there is even a slight chance for bankruptcy in your case? For all individuals, it is important to have clear insight regarding the factors that can actively contribute to a bankruptcy because there may be numerous causes of debt that can promote the chances of bankruptcy. Here, we will discuss the […]

If you are a West Palm Beach resident who is struggling with debt, then filing for bankruptcy may be the solution to your problems. It can put an end to threatening letters and harassing phone calls from your creditors; extending your time to repay your debts, without any stress from them. However, declaring bankruptcy is […]

Many fears come with filing bankruptcy. Will you lose your house? Will you lose your business? Will it take a very large portion of your life? Some of these fears are valid and some are not. Mostly it depends upon your circumstances and the type of bankruptcy you have filed for.

Confused with Bankruptcy? Chapter 7? Chapter 13? Call Walker Law Firm Today -561.689.1512 The Walker Law Firm, P.A. helps South Florida citizens who’d like to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or simply needs a bankruptcy attorney in West Palm Beach. Edwin Walker of Walker Law Firm has the experience of working with the local […]