Tax Refunds Bankruptcy and your tax refund. This time of year many debtors receive a tax refund. This presents an opportunity for someone looking to file Bankruptcy with a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney. One of the difficulties debtor’s face is coming up with the funds to pay for a Bankruptcy filing and to retain a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney. If you are expecting a Tax Refund, often times debtor’s will use those funds to pay for their Bankruptcy Filing.

Tax Refunds Bankruptcy

Now is the time to move forward and get rid of your debts! One of the questions I am often asked is what happens if I expect or have received a Tax Refund.  debtor can use those funds to pay for living expenses and to hire a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the process and get you a discharge from your debts. Debtors who do not have homestead property are entitled to a $4,000 personal property exemption, which can include your tax refund.

West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

West Palm Bankruptcy Attorney Ed Walker is here to help you through the entire process.  Call us for a free telephone consultation to determine if Bankruptcy is the right option for you and, if yes, whether Chapter 7 or 13 is appropriate. We offer payment options to start the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process and Chapter 13 bankruptcies include payment plan options through the Court.

Trying to navigate the Bankruptcy process on your own can be a difficult process. There are numerous complicated schedules that must be prepared and additional supporting documentation must also be included as well. Hiring a West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Attorney to handle your case will save you time and aggravation. Don’t delay call or e-mail Walker Law Firm, P.A. 

Can I Keep My Tax Refund in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?