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The Walker Law Firm, P.A. helps South Florida citizens who’d like to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or simply needs a bankruptcy attorney in West Palm Beach. Edwin Walker of Walker Law Firm has the experience of working with the local Florida Southern District Bankruptcy Court and understands the bankruptcy process.

Here are ten ways a bankruptcy attorney from Walker Law Firm can help your bankruptcy case in West Palm Beach:

1.    Decide the Best Course of Action

A competent bankruptcy lawyer in West Palm Beach will thoroughly study your particular situation to decide whether bankruptcy is the best solution for your circumstances.

2.    Filing for Chapter 7

They will help decide whether you’d do better with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is suggested for those with low or no income and it helps discharge your debt faster than the other method.

3.    Filing for Chapter 13

Your lawyer may decide that the best course of action is filing for a Chapter 13. This is a good idea when you have a steady income but no other assets to help repay the debt.

4.    Credit Restoration

They will guide you to the best methods for rebuilding a respectable credit score using secured credit cards and other important tools.

5.    Dealing with Creditor Harassment

Any respectable bankruptcy lawyer will help their clients deal with unlawful harassment by creditors in the form of phone calls, visits or any other collection practices.

6.    Getting On With Life after Bankruptcy

Your lawyers will make sure that your life stays free of collection calls, letters and threats from old debtors so you can get busy with rebuilding your finances.

7.    Help With the Means Test

Bankruptcy lawyers can answer your questions and concerns about the means test. It is an assessment of your income to see whether you can really repay your debt under Chapter 7.

8.    Fight against Wage Garnishment

Sometimes creditors get a court order that lets them paid directly from your paycheck. Your lawyer will help you fight for your consumer rights in such a case.

9.    Assist with “Trustee” Issues

Your trustee will oversee that you stick to the budget set for you in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A good local lawyer will help you see in advance what your trustee might have in store for you.

10.  Help with Chapter 7 Lien Avoidance

By staying local and hiring your local Bankruptcy Attorney, Walker Law Firm, is committed to your service and our lawyers will help you evaluate whether you qualify for lien avoidance in case of a certain property and when to use it here in the Palm Beaches.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Walker Law Firm will provide you with professional bankruptcy advice for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13  bankruptcy in West Palm Beach. Call today and speak with one of our bankruptcy attorneys at 561.689.1512

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