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    What I love about using Ed Walker for my closings is that it is always one on one with him! With Ed he always answers all of my questions day or night and happy to speak to all parties involved in the closing of the sale.  All of my sellers & Buyers love that Ed Walker comes to us for the closing! I would highly recommend others to use Ed for his services and am thrilled to have him as my closing attorney.

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If you have mounting Debt and stressing over how to deal manage the debt, Bankruptcy may be right for you! The Federal Bankruptcy process is an affordable option to quickly getting out of excessive debt, restoring your credit and preventing or stopping garnishment. The hiring of an experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney is key to making the right decision. I, Edwin "Ed" M. Walker III, understand that constant creditors and debt collector calls, letters and legal threats can be overwhelming.  If you are constantly being harassed by companies to which you owe money, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy or finding another legal solution that can bring relief. See what our clients have to say about working with Walker Law Firm, P.A. on our Google Reviews. Choose the highest Google Review ranked Law Firm in West Palm Beach and start the journey to end your financial crisis and restart your financial "life."

The Florida real estate market was hit hard in recent years, which means many people are dealing with the repercussions of purchasing a house during the mortgage boom. Banks and other lenders may be unwilling to help or negotiate to lower your mortgage. Through the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process it is possible to enter into a Court sanctioned Mortage Modification Mediation program to potentially obtain a permanent Mortgage Modification and through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you have the ability to catch up on your past-due mortgage payments. Sometimes, the situation is so critical that there is very little time to resolve a threat of foreclosure. If you are suffering from severe financial problems, the federal government has made it possible for individuals and families to get a fresh financial start through filing for bankruptcy. Walker Law Firm, P.A. is committed to helping people in financial distress get back on track and resolve their debt problems. There are several Bankruptcy options which may be available to you! Please contact our office for a FREE consultation.


Many people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy due to myths learned on the internet, through friends, or through rumors that circulate throughout society. These myths claim that bankruptcy is bad or dangerous. There are many so-called debt relief firms that are popping up all over the state to make money off unfortunate people, but there are honest law firms that can help people file for bankruptcy. It is urgent that an individual finds accurate and straightforward legal information prior to deciding whether or not bankruptcy is right for them. It is important to get an opinion from an experienced attorney on what your options are - as the Bankruptcy process can seem daunting. 

My West Palm Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer can provide legal insight you can trust. I can assist you with your bankruptcy problems by reviewing your individual situation and helping you decide how you can resolve serious financial problems. I can also help identify the best options to save you from potentially losing specific assets, such as your house and car. If you are ready to make a positive financial change, please contact the West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney at my firm today.

If you feel as if you cannot manage all of your debts and need a West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer's assistance, I can help. My experience with the bankruptcy process can give you the help you need at an affordable rate. When filing for bankruptcy, it is critical that every document submitted and every item in your filing is correct. Errors or failures to disclose certain assets or bills can lead to delays, a denial of your petition or in some cases, further legal problems.

Hardworking people are paying the price for actions taken on Wall Street, which is why I am here to help you unravel your financial problems and get back on track. When you seek my assistance, I can help put an end to those countless creditor calls and help you to move forward with a debt-free life. If you are ready to move on from debt and start a happy, debt-free life, please contact my firm as soon as possible to schedule your free case consultation.

Walker Law Firm, P.A. also handles business / corporate transactions and real estate cases. Real estate cases include short sales and contract disputes. Walker Law Firm, P.A. is also a full service real estate title and closing firm.  We have the ability to handle all aspects of your real estate transaction from contract to closing while providing personalize service to our loyal clients. Attorney Edwin Walker is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and  Walker Law Firm, P.A. is an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and a proud member of the Attorney's Title Insurance Fund.

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July 14, 2014
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Our office has hired Mr. Walker several times to assist with unemployment appeals. He always takes the time to fully understand the set of circumstances surrounding the employee's separation and this makes all the difference. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, aggressive, and highly tenacious.
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