Going through a divorce can be mentally disturbing without the added worries of your attorney not performing your proceedings up to mark. Before hiring an attorney, it is a good idea to ask a few questions beforehand to get a clear idea of what the proceedings will be.

Before hiring a family law or divorce attorney in West Palm Beach, here are nine questions to ask.

  1. What is Your Specialization? How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Before hiring, you need to be sure about the specialization of the prospective divorce attorney, whether he/she is a “certified family law specialist”. Feel free to ask him/her about his experience and outcomes regarding cases similar to yours. It is important to note that a local attorney is always valuable in local cases. More below.

  1. Are You Familiar With Family Law in West Palm Beach?

Family law and divorce regulations vary according to the state. Ask the attorney whether he/she is familiar with the laws of the state you are living in and whether he will be able to help you with your case in an effective manner according to the laws.

  1. What Strategy AreYou Going to Take To Follow This Case?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Since, you are dealing with family matters; you need to know exactly what steps and strategies will be used to follow your case.

  1. Is Mediation Better Than A Trial?

Many a times, a mediation session proves to be more cost effective and less stressful as compared to a full-fledged trial. Ask your attorney if a better settlement offer can be reachedvia mediation instead of a trial.

  1. How Are You Going To Charge Me For This Case and Are There Additional Costs Involved?

Make sure that you have a very clear idea about the hourly billing rates, retainer fees and charges of any additional services beforehand.

  1. How and When Should I Contact You; How Can You Be Contacted For Emergencies?

In emergencies, you need to be able to have access to your attorney without any obstacles. Make sure you clarify the contact details in regular situations and emergencies both.

  1. Who Else Will Be Working With You?

Most attorneys have assistants working with them to take care of the official documentation details of the case. It is highly advisable to interview these assistants as well and assess them with respect to their experience.

  1. What Is The Most Likely Outcome of This Case?

After weighing the pros and cons of your case, ask your attorney to predict the most likely outcome of your case. Don’t hire an attorney that is too optimistic or too pessimistic regarding the case.

  1. Do I Have To Keep You Updated With All Communications With My Spouse?

Sometimes, negotiating with one’s spouse without the presence of their respective lawyers can lead to problems. Make sure you discuss this with your attorney beforehand.



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